This is my Qur'an search blog. Whenever I search the Qur'an as part of my Qur'an studies, I post the results here. Use the search box on the main page or browse the tags. (All tags are on the home page so you can simply use Ctrl+F in your browser for quickest results!)

Most frequently used tags:

adl one  worship allah allein ancient people faith ascribe ask forgiveness time partners attribute lies up bad deeds barren witness behind best guided names bida book no doubt call prayer cancel sins cause sin clear quran clouds commit conscious cover head help day disobedience  hope obedient divine do good out generations enter paradise example evident evil 6 removal hair false free need give credit glad tidings take away news pilgrimage haram dwellings human infallible kind knowledge god alike make partner men mortal things noble too oneness path past pledge positions previous wisdom reassure reason remit right way righteous ruling seek set off soil still tales three seen use waiting wrong

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