Friday, 27 July 2012


2:7 God has sealed their heartkhatama l-lahu ʿalā qulūbihim 
2:10 In their hearts is a disease, fī qulūbihim maraḍun
2:74 Then your hearts became hardened qasat  qulūbukum
2:88 They said, "Our hearts are covered/wrapped! qulūbunā ghul'fun
2:93 ...and they had consumed the calf inside their hearts by their rejection. wa-ush'ribū fī qulūbihimu l-ʿij'la
2:97 ...he has sent it down into your heart fa-innahu  nazzalahu ʿalā qalbika
2:118 ... their hearts are so similar! tashābahat qulūbuhum

in progress...

57:27 placed in the hearts wajaʿalnā fī qulūbi

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