Tuesday, 31 January 2012

truth vs falsehood

47:3 That is because those who disbelieve followed falsehood, while those who believe followed the truth from their Lord. God thus puts forth for the people their examples. 42:24 Or do they say: "He has fabricated lies about God!" If God willed, He could have sealed your heart. And God erases the falsehood and affirms the truth with His words. He is fully aware of what is inside the chests. 40:78 And We have sent messengers prior to you. Some of them We have narrated to you, and some We did not narrate to you. And it was not given to any messenger that he should bring a sign except by God's leave. So, when God's judgment is issued, the matter is decided with truth, and the followers of falsehood will be lost. 40:5 Denial had come before them from the people of Noah and the opponents after them, and every nation plotted against their messenger to seize him, and they disputed by means of falsehood to defeat with it the truth. So I took them; how then was My punishment! 34:49 Say: "The truth has come; while falsehood can neither initiate anything, nor resurrect." 31:30 That is because God is the truth, and that which they call on besides Him is falsehood, and that God is the Most High, the Great. 22:62 That is because God is the truth, and what they call on besides Him is falsehood. And God is the Most High, the Great. 21:18 No, We cast with the truth upon the falsehood, so it disrupts it, and then it retreats. And woe to you for what you have described. 18:56 And We do not send the messengers except as bearers of good news and warners. But those who reject will argue using falsehood to overshadow the truth with it. And they took My revelations and what they have been warned by as a joke! 17:81 And say: "The truth has come and falsehood has perished. Falsehood is always bound to perish!" 13:17 He sent down water from the sky, so valleys flowed according to their capacity, and the flood produces foam. And from what they burn to smelt jewelry or goods is produced a similar foam. It is in such a manor that God strikes the falsehood with the truth. As for the foam, it passes away, and as for what benefits the people, it remains in the Earth. It is such that God puts forth the examples. 8:8 So that truth will be manifest, and the falsehood will be confounded; even if the criminals dislike it. 3:71 "O people of the Scripture, why do you dress the truth with falsehood and conceal the truth while you know?" 2:42 And do not confound the truth with falsehood, nor keep the truth secret while you know.
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