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3:134 The ones who spend in prosperity and adversity, and who repress anger, and who pardon the people; God loves the good doers.

7:154 And when the anger subsided from Moses, he took the tablets; and in its inscription was a guidance and mercy for those who revere their Lord.

9:15 And to remove the anger from their hearts; God pardons whom he pleases. God is Knowledgeable, Wise.

21:87 And Jonah, when he went off in anger, and he thought that We would not be able to take him. Then he called out in the darkness: "There is no god but You! Glory to You, I was of the wicked!"

22:15 Whosoever thinks that God will not grant him victory in this world and the Hereafter, then let him extend his request by a mean to the heaven, then let him cut off and see whether this action the cause of his anger.

42:37 And those who avoid gross sins and lewdness, and when they are angered, they forgive.

20:86 So Moses returned to his people angry and disappointed. He said: "My people, did not your Lord promise you a good promise? Has the waiting been too long, or did you want that the wrath of your Lord be upon you? Thus you broke the promise with me."

3:119 Here you love them while they do not love you, and you believe in the whole Scripture. And if they meet you they say: "We believe," and if they are alone they bite their fingers out of frustration at you. Say: "Die in your frustration, God is aware of what is in the chests."

33:25 And God drove back those who disbelieved with their rage, they left empty handed. God thus spared the believers any fighting. God is Powerful, Noble.

26:55 "And they have done what has enraged us."

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