Thursday, 9 June 2011


7:157 "nur" (the light) 

wa-ittabaʿū (and follow)
l-nūra (the light)
alladhī (which)
unzila (has been sent down)
maʿahu (with him)

Light + Book
Chapter 5 - 5:15; 5:44;
Chapter 6 - 6:91;
Chapter 14 - 14:1;
Chapter 42 - 42:52;

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  1. Ahadth of a number of the Companions of the
    Prophet recorded on leaves (Saha ‘if or in books
    (kutub) is partly of uncertain worth, still there
    can be no doubt that such written records were no
    longer ararity in the generation of the Tabi’un,
    who derived this knowledge from the Companions.