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seek ruling,
divine instruction,
seek information,

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(4:127) yuf'tīkum
(4:176) yuf'tīkum
(12:43) aftūnī
(12:46) aftinā
(27:32) aftūnī

(4:127) wayastaftūnaka
(4:176) yastaftūnaka
(12:41) tastaftiyāni
(18:22) tastafti
(37:11) fa-is'taftihim
(37:149) fa-is'taftihim

4:127 They ask you for divine instruction (wayastaftūnaka) concerning women. Say, "God instructs  (l-lahu yuf'tīkumyou regarding them, as has been recited for you in the book about the rights of orphans whose mothers you want to marry without giving them their legal rights. You shall observe the rights of powerless children, and your duty to treat orphans with equity. Whatever good you do, God has full knowledge of it.

4:176 They seek a ruling from you (yastaftūnaka, say, "God gives you the ruling (l-lahu yuf'tīkum) for those who have no descendants. If a person passes away and has no children but has a sister, then she shall receive half of what he leaves behind. He will inherit her fully if she has no child. However, if he has two sisters, then they will receive two thirds of what he left behind; and if he has siblings, male and female, then the male shall receive twice what the female receives." God makes clear to you that you do not stray; God is aware of all things.

12:41 "My fellow inmates, one of you will be serving wine for his lord, while the other will be crucified so that the birds will eat from his head. The matter which you have sought (tastaftiyāniis now concluded."

12:43 The King said, "I continue to dream of seven fat cows which are being eaten by seven thin ones, and seven green pods and others which are dry. O you chiefs, tell me (aftūnī) what my vision means if you are able to interpret the visions."12

12:46 "Joseph, O truth one, explain to us (aftinā) the matter regarding seven fat cows being eaten by seven thin ones, and seven green pods and others which are dry? Then perhaps I may go back to the people so they will know."

27:32 She said, "O commanders, advise me (aftūnīin this matter of mine, for I will not take a decision until you give testimony."

18:22 They will say, "Three, the fourth is their dog." They say, "Five, the sixth is their dog," guessing at what they do not know. They say, "Seven, and the eighth is their dog." Say, "My Lord is fully aware of their number, none know them except for a few." So, do not debate in them except with proof, and do not seek information (tastaftiregarding them from anyone.

37:11 So ask them (fa-is'taftihim): "Are they the more powerful creation, or the others We created?" We have created them out of sticky clay.

37:149 So ask them (fa-is'taftihim): "Are the daughters for your Lord, while the sons are for them?"

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