Monday, 13 June 2011


(6:25:32) l-awalīna
6:25 Among them are those who listen to you; and We have made covers over their hearts to prevent them from understanding it, and deafness in their ears; and if they see every sign they will not acknowledge; even when they come to you they argue, those who reject say, "This is nothing but the tales from the past!"5
(8:31:17) l-awalīna
8:31 When Our signs are recited to them, they say, "We have listened, and if we wish, we could have said the same thing. This is nothing but tales of the ancients!"
(8:38:16) l-awalīna
8:38 Say to the ingrates: "If they cease, then what has passed before will be forgiven to them, and if they return to it, then the example of the previous generations has already been given."4
(15:10:7) l-awalīna
15:10 We have sent before you to the factions of old.
(15:13:7) l-awalīna
15:13 They do not acknowledge it, while the examples of the early generations has been brought to them.
(17:59:10) l-awalūna
17:59 The rejection of previous people did not stop Us from sending the signs. We sent to Thamud the camel with foresight, but they did her wrong. We do not send the signs except to alert.9
(18:55:15) l-awalīna
18:55 When the guidance came to them nothing prevented the people from acknowledging, and seeking forgiveness from their Lord, except they sought to receive the ways of the previous people, or receive the retribution face to face.
(23:81:6) l-awalūna
23:81 Indeed, they have said the same as what the people of old had said.
(23:83:12) l-awalīna
23:83 "We, as well as our fathers, have been promised this from before. This is nothing but the tales of the ancients."
(25:5:3) l-awalīna
25:5 They said, "Mythologies of the ancient people; he wrote them down while they were being dictated to him morning and evening."3
(26:137:5) l-awalīna
26:137 "This is nothing but an invention by the people of old."
(26:196:4) l-awalīna
26:196 It is in the Psalms of old.
(27:68:12) l-awalīna
27:68 "We have been promised this, both us and our fathers before. This is nothing but tales of the ancients!"
(35:43:16) l-awalīna
35:43 Arrogance on earth, and evil scheming… The evil schemes only backfire on those who scheme them. Were they expecting anything different from the sunna used on the people of the past? You will not find any change in God's sunna.7
(37:71:5) l-awalīna
37:71 Most of the previous generations have strayed before them.
(37:168:6) l-awalīna
37:168 "If only we had received a reminder from the previous generations,"
(43:6:6) l-awalīna
43:6 How many a prophet did We send to the previous generations!
(43:8:7) l-awalīna
43:8 We have destroyed those who were even more powerful than these, and the example of the previous generations has already been given.
(46:17:28) l-awalīna
46:17 The one who says to his parents: "Enough of you! Are you promising me that I will be resurrected, when the generations who died before me never came back?" While they both will implore God: "Woe to you; acknowledge! For God's promise is the truth." He would say, "This is nothing but tales from the past!"
(56:13:3) l-awalīna
56:13 Many from the first generations.1
(56:39:3) l-awalīna
56:39 Many from the early generations.
(68:15:7) l-awalīna
68:15 When Our signs are recited to him, he says: "Tales from the past!"
(77:16:3) l-awalīna
77:16 Did We not destroy the ancient people
(77:38:5) wal-awalīna
77:38 This is the day of Separation where We have gathered you with the ancient people.
(83:13:7) l-awalīna
83:13 When Our signs are recited to him, he says: "Tales of the ancients!"

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