Tuesday, 31 May 2011


41:2 A revelation from the Gracious, Compassionate.

41:3 A BOOK (kitābun) whose SIGNS (ayatahu) are DETAILED (fussilat), a compilation in Arabic for a people who know.

17:12 We made the night and the day as two signs, so We erased the sign of night and We made the sign of day manifest, that you may seek bounty from your Lord, and that you may know the number of the years and the count. Everything We have EXPLAINED in DETAIL (fassalnahu tafsilan)

18:54 We have cited in this Quran EVERY (kulli) EXAMPLE (mathalin) for the people. But the human being is always most argumentative.

16:89 The day We send to every nation a witness against them from themselves, and We have brought you as a witness against these. We have sent down to you the BOOK (kitab) as a CLARIFICATION (tibyanan) for all things, a guide, mercy and good tidings for those who have peacefully surrendered.

12:111 In their stories is a lesson for the people of intelligence. It was not a NARRATION (hadithan) that was INVENTED (yuftara), but an authentication of what was already revealed and a DETAILING (watafsila) of ALL (kulli) THINGS (shayin), and a GUIDANCE (wahudan) and mercy (waramatan) to a people who believe.

2:99 We have sent down to you CLEAR (bayyinatin) SIGNS (ayatin); only the evil ones would not appreciate them.

6:114 "Shall I seek OTHER THAN (afaghayra) God  (Allahi) as a JUDGE (hakaman) when He has SENT DOWN (anzala) to you this BOOK (kitab) EXPLAINED IN DETAIL (mufassalan)?" Those to whom We have given the book know it is sent down from your Lord with truth; so do not be of those who have doubt.

6:115 The WORD of your LORD (kalimatu rabbika) has been COMPLETED (watammat) with truth and justice; there is NO CHANGING (la mubaddila) HIS WORDS (likalimatihi). He is the Hearer, the Knower.

6:116 If you obey the majority of those on earth they will lead you away from God's path; that is because they follow CONJECTURE (l-zana), and that is because they only guess.

6:126 This is your LORD'S STRAIGHT PATH (siratu rabbika mustaqiman) . We have certainly DETAILED (fassalna) the signs (l-ayati) to a people who take heed.

7:52 And We have come to them with a BOOK (bikitabin) which We have EXPLAINED IN DETAIL (fassalna) with KNOWLEDGE (ilmin); a GUIDE (hudan) and a MERCY (rahmatan) to those who believe.
10:37 This Quran could not have been produced without God, but it is to authenticate what is already present, and to provide A DETAILED EXPLANATION (tafsila) to the book in which there is NO DOUBT (la rayba), from the Lord of the worlds.

17:89 We have EXPLAINED (sarrafna) to the people in this Quran of EVERY (kulli) EXAMPLE (mathalin), but most of the people refuse to be anything but ingrates!

18:54 We have EXPLAINED (sarrafna) in this Quran EVERY (kulli) EXAMPLE (mathalin) for the people. But the human being is always most ARGUMENTATIVE (jadalan).

11:1 A1L30R200. A book whose signs have been ascertained, then detailed, from One who is Wise, Ever-aware

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