Saturday, 2 April 2011


25:68 Those who do not call on any other god with God, nor do they kill the life that God has made forbidden except in justice, nor do they yaznūna; and whosoever does that will yalqa athāman.

60:12 O you prophet, if the l-mu'minātu come to make allegiance to you that they will not set up anything beside God, nor steal, nor yaznīna, nor kill their born children, nor they bring a bibuh'tānin yaftarīnahu bayna aydīhinna wa-arjulihinna, nor yaʿṣīnaka you in maʿrūfin, then you shall accept their allegiance, and ask God to forgive them. God is Forgiver, Compassionate.

24:2 The al-zāniyatu and the wal-zānī, you shall fa-ij'lidū each of them mi-ata jaldatin, and do not let any rafatun take you over God's dīni if you acknowledge God and the Last Day. Let a group of the acknowledgers witness their ʿadhābahumā.1

24:3 The al-zānī will only yankiḥu a zāniyatan or a mush'rikatan. The wal-zāniyatu, she will only be yankiḥuhā to a zānin or a mush'rikun. This has been forbidden for the acknowledgers.

17:32 Do not go near l-zinā, for it is a fāḥishatan and an evil path.

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