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9:48 They wanted to test from before, and they turned matters upside down for you until the truth came and God's command was waahara while they hated it.

6:151 Say, "Come let me recite to you what your Lord has forbidden for you: that you should not set up anything with Him; and be kind to your parents; and do not kill your born children for fear of poverty, We provide for you and for them; and do not come near l-fawāisha what is ahara of it or baana; and do not taqtulū the l-nafsa which God arrama, except in justice. That is what He enjoined you that you may comprehend."

7:33 Say, "My Lord has forbidden all l-fawāisha, what is ahara from them and what is baana, and sin, aggression without cause, your setting up partners with God that were never authorized by Him, and saying about God what you do not know."

24:31 Tell the acknowledging women to yaghu'na their abārihinna and wayafana their furūjahunna, and that they should not yub'dīna their zīnatahunna except what is ahara, and let them walyarib'na their bikhumurihinna over their juyūbihinna. Let them not yub'dīna their zīnatahunna except to their husbands, or their fathers, or fathers of their husbands, or their sons, or the sons of their husbands, or their brothers, or the sons of their brothers, or the sons of their sisters, or their children that come after them, or those who are still their dependants, or   malakat aymānuhunna awi l-tābiʿīna ghayri ulī  l-ir'bati mina l-rijāli, or the l-if'li who has not yet yaharū the ʿawrāti of l-nisāi. Let them not yarib'na with their bi-arjulihinna to liyuʿ'lama what they yukh'fīna of their zīnatihinna. Repent to God, all of you acknowledgers, so that you may succeed.

30:41 Pollution has ahara in the land and the sea by the hands of people for what they earned. He will make them taste some of what they have done, perhaps they will revert.

28:48 But when the truth came to them from Us, they said, "If only he was given the same that was given to Moses!" Had they not rejected what was given to Moses before? They had said, "Two magicians taāharā." They said, "We reject all these things."

43:33 If it were not that all the people would become one cluster, We would have provided for those who reject the Gracious silver roofs for their homes, and stairs upon which they could yaharūna.

18:97 So they could not yaharūhu it, and they could not naqban it.

9:8 How is it that when they yaharū you they disregard all ties, either that of kinship or of pledge. They seek to please you with their words, but their hearts deny, and most of them are wicked.

18:19 Thus We roused them so they would ask themselves. A speaker from amongst them said, "How long have you stayed?" They said, "We stayed a day or part of a day." He said, "Your Lord is surely aware how long you stayed, so send one of you with these money of yours to the city, and let him see which is the tastiest food, and let him come with a provision of it. Let him be courteous and let no one yush'ʿiranna of you."
18:20 "If they yaharū you, they will stone you or return you to their creed. Then you will never be successful."

57:13 On that day, the hypocrite men and the hypocrite women will say to those who acknowledged: "Wait for us! Let us absorb some of your light." It will be said, "Go back behind you, and seek light." So a barrier will be set up between them, whose gate separates compassion on the inner side, from retribution on the waāhiruhu.

57:3 He is the First and the Last, the wal-āhiru and the wal-bāinu. He is fully aware of all things.

6:120 Leave āhira sins as well as wabāinahu; those who earn sin will be punished for what they have taken.

13:33 Who is the One standing over every person for what it has earned? Yet they make partners with God. Say, "Name them? Or are you informing Him of what He does not know on earth? Or of biāhirin of words?" But to the ingrates, their scheming is made to appear clever, and they are turned away from the path. Whoever God misguides will have no guide.

18:22 They will say, "Three, the fourth is their dog." They say, "Five, the sixth is their dog," guessing at what they do not know. They say, "Seven, and the eighth is their dog." Say, "My Lord is fully aware of their number, none know them except for a few." So, do not debate in them except a āhiran debate, and do not seek information regarding them from anyone.5

30:7 They only know āhiran of the worldly life; and regarding the Hereafter, they are ignorant.

40:29 "O my people, you have the kingship today āhirīna in the land. But then who will save us against God's torment, should it come to us?" Pharaoh said, "I am only showing you what I see, and I am only guiding you to the right path."

61:14 O you who acknowledge, be God's supporters, as Jesus the son of Mary said to his disciples: "Who are my supporters towards God?" The disciples said, "We are God's supporters." Thus, a group from the Children of Israel acknowledged, and another group rejected. So, We supported those who acknowledged against their enemy, and they were āhirīna.

31:20 Did you not see that God has committed in your service everything in the heavens and the earth, and He has showered you with His blessings, both āhiratan and wabāinatan? Yet from the people are some who argue about God without knowledge, without guidance, and without an enlightening book.

34:18 We placed between them and between the towns that We blessed, towns that were āhiratan; and We measured the journey between them: "Travel in them by night and day in complete security."

11:92 He said, "My people, is my family more important to you than God, while you have cast Him away behind your ih'riyyan? My Lord is Encompassing over what you do."

24:58 O you who acknowledge, let those whom malakat  aymānukum and have not yet yablughū  l-uluma request your permission regarding thalātha marrātin: Before the alati l-fajri, and when you taaʿūna  thiyābakum l-ahīrati, and after the alati l-ʿishāi. These are thalāthu ʿawrātin for you. Other than these times, it is not wrong for you or them to awwāfūna with one another. God thus clarifies the revelations for you. God is Knowledgeable, Wise.10

42:33 If He willed, He could still the winds, leaving them motionless ahrihi. In that are signs for everyone who is patient, thankful.

84:10 As for he who is given his record behind his ahrihi.

35:45 If God were to punish the people for what they have earned, He would not leave a single creature ahrihā. But He delays them to a predetermined time. Then, when their time comes, then God is Seer of His servants.

94:3 Which had put strain on your ahraka?

66:4 If the two of you repent to God, then your hearts have listened. But if you taāharā  each other against him, then God is his master. Gabriel, the righteous of those who acknowledge, and the angels are his ahīrun.3

34:22 Say, "Call on those whom you have claimed besides God. They do not possess even a single atom's weight in the heavens, or the earth. They possess no partnership therein, nor is there for Him any ahīrin among them."

28:17 He said, "My Lord, for what blessings you have bestowed upon me, I will never be a ahīran of the criminals."

28:86 Nor did you expect this book to come your way; but this is a mercy from your Lord. Therefore, you shall not be ahīran with the ingrates.

9:35 On the day when they will be seared in the fires of hell, their foreheads, sides and wauhūruhum will be branded with it: "This is what you have hoarded for yourselves, so taste what you have hoarded!"

6:146 For those who are Jewish, We forbade all that have claws; and from the cattle and the sheep We forbade their fat except what is attached to the uhūruhumā, or entrails, or mixed with bone. That is a punishment for their rebellion, and We are truthful.

6:138 They said by asserting that: "These are livestock and crops that are restricted, and none shall eat from them except as we please." Even, livestock whose uhūruhā are forbidden, and livestock over which they do not mention God's name as invention against Him. He will recompense them for what they invented.

6:94 "You have come to Us individually, just as We had created you the first time; and you have left behind your uhūrikum all that We have provided for you. We do not see your intercessors with you that you used to claim were with you in partnership; all is severed between you, and what you have claimed has abandoned you."19

43:13 So that you may settle on their uhūrihi; and then when you have settled on them you may recall your Lord's blessing, by saying: "Glory be to the One who commits this for us, and we could not have done so by ourselves."

2:101 When a messenger came to them from God, authenticating what was with them, a group of those who had already received the book placed God's book behind their uhūrihim as if they did not know.

3:187 God took the covenant of those who were given the book: "You will proclaim to the people and not conceal it." However, they threw it behind their uhūrihim and purchased with it a cheap price. Miserable indeed is what they have purchased.

6:31 Losers are those who have denied their meeting with God; until the moment comes to them suddenly, then they say, "We deeply regret what we have wasted in it," and they will carry their burdens on their uhūrihim; miserable indeed is their burden.

7:172 When your Lord took from the children of Adam from their uhūrihim, their progeny; and He made them witness over themselves: "Am I not your Lord?" They said, "Yes, we bear witness." Thus you cannot say on the day of Resurrection that you were unaware of this.33

21:39 If only those who reject knew, that they will not be able to ward off the fire from their faces, nor from their uhūrihim, nor will they be helped.

2:189 They ask you regarding the new moons, say, "They are a timing mechanism for the people as well as for the Pilgrimage." Piety is not that you would enter a home from its uhūrihā, but piety is whoever is aware and comes to the homes through their main doors. Be conscientious of God that you may succeed.52

17:88 Say, "If all the humans and the Jinn were to gather to bring a Quran like this, they could not come with its like, even if they were ahīran."17

25:55 They serve besides God what does not benefit them nor harm them. The ingrate is always ahīran against his Lord.

33:26 He also brought down those who āharūhum them among the people of the book from their secure positions, and He threw fear into their hearts. Some of them you killed, and some you took captive.

60:9 But God does forbid you regarding those who fought you because of your system, and drove you out of your homes, and waāharū to drive you out. You shall not ally with them. Those who ally with them, then such are the transgressors.

58:2 Those among you who yuāhirūna their wives by saying to them: "You are as my mother." They can never be as their mothers, for their mothers are the women who gave birth to them. Indeed, they are uttering what is strange and a falsehood. God is Pardoner, Forgiver.
58:3 Those who had yuāhirūna their wives in this manner, then they again repeat it, they shall free a slave before they have sexual contact between them. This is to enlighten you. God is well aware of everything you do.2

33:4 God did not make any man with two hearts in his body. Nor did He make your wives whom you tuāhirūna to be as your mothers. Nor did He make your adopted children to be your sons. Such is what you claim with your mouths, but God speaks the truth, and He guides to the path.1

9:4 But excepted shall be4 -from among those who ascribe divinity to aught beside God - [people] with whom you [O believers] have made a covenant and who thereafter have in no wise failed to fulfil their obligations towards you, and neither have yuāhirū anyone against you: observe, then, your covenant with them until the end of the term agreed with them.5 Verily, God loves those who are conscious of Him.

66:3 When the prophet disclosed a hadith to some of his wives, then one of them spread it, and God wa-aharahu it to him, he recognized part of it and denied part. So when he informed her, she said, "Who informed you of this?" He said, "I was informed by the Knowledgeable, the Ever-aware."2

72:26 The knower of the unseen, He does not yu'hiru His knowledge to anyone.

30:18 To Him is all praise in the heavens and in the earth, and in the evening and when you tu'hirūna.

9:33 He is the One who sent His messenger with guidance and the system of truth, to make it liyu'hirahu above all other systems, even if those who set up partners hate it.5

48:28 He is the One who sent His messenger with the guidance and the system of truth, so that it would liyu'hirahu all other systems. God is sufficient as a witness.2

61:9 He is the One who sent His messenger with the guidance and the system of truth, so that it will liyu'hirahu it above all other systems, even if those who set up partners dislike it.

40:26 Pharaoh said, "Leave me to kill Moses, and let him call upon his Lord. I fear that he may change your system, or that he will cause evil to yu'hira throughout the land."

2:85 But here you are killing each other and driving out a group of you from their homes; you taāharūna against them with evil and animosity. If they come to you as prisoners, you ransom them while it was forbidden for you to drive them out! Do you acknowledge some of the book and reject some? The punishment for those amongst you who do so is humiliation in this worldly life; and on the day of Resurrection, they will be returned to the most severe retribution. God is not oblivious of what you all do.

66:4 If the two of you repent to God, then your hearts have listened. But if you taāharā against him, then God is his master. Gabriel, the righteous of those who acknowledge, and the angels are his supporters.3

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