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4:101 If you are mobilized in the land, then there is no junāḥun that you taqurū the l-alati, if you fear that the ingrates will try you. The ingrates are to you a clear enemy.34

55:56 In them are the irātu l-arfi, untouched before by any human or Jinn.

37:48 With them are irātu  l-arfi ʿīnun ka-annahunna bayun maknūnun.

38:52 With them are irātu l-arfi atrābun.

22:45 So how many a town have We destroyed while it was doing wrong, so that it is laying in ruins with its wabi'rin abandoned, and waqarin mashīdin.

77:32 It throws bishararin as kal-qari.

7:74 "Recall that He made you successors after Aad, and He established you in the land so that you take from its plains quūran, and you carve homes in the mountains. So recall God's grace, and do not roam the earth as corrupters."

25:10 Blessed is the One who if He wishes can make for you better than that. Paradises with rivers flowing beneath them, and He will make for you quūran.

48:27 God has fulfilled with truth His messenger's vision: "You will latadkhulunna the l-masjida l-arāma, God willing, secure, mualliqīna your heads wamuqaṣṣirīna, having no fear." Thus, He knew what you did not know, and He has coupled with this a near victory.

7:202 But their brethren yamuddūnahum them into error; they do not yuq'irūna.

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