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4:176 They seek a ruling from you, say, "God gives you the ruling for those who have no descendants. If a im'ru-on passes away and has no children but has a sister, then she shall receive half of what he leaves behind. He will inherit her fully if she has no child. However, if he has two sisters, then they will receive two thirds of what he left behind; and if he has siblings, male and female, then the male shall receive twice what the female receives." God makes clear to you that you do not stray; God is aware of all things.

78:40 I have warned you of a retribution which is close, the day when l-maru will look at what he has brought forth and the ingrate will say, "I wish I were dust!"

80:34 The day when a l-maru will run from his brother.

24:11 Those who have brought forth the false accusation were a group from within you. Do not think it is bad for you, for it is good for you. Every im'ri-in amongst them will have what he deserves of the sin. As for he who had the greatest portion of it, he will have a great retribution.3

52:21 Those who acknowledged, and their progeny also followed them in acknowledgement; We will have their progeny join them. We never fail to reward them for any work. Every im'ri-in is paid for what he did.

70:38 Does every im'ri-in of them hope to enter a paradise of bliss?

74:52 Alas, every im'ri-in of them wants to be given separate manuscripts.

80:37 For every im'ri-in on that day is a matter that concerns him.

2:102 They followed what the devils recited regarding Solomon's kingship. Solomon did not reject, but it was the devils that rejected by teaching people magic and what was sent down on the two angels in Babylon, Haroot and Maroot. They would not teach anyone until they would say, "We are a test, so do not be unappreciative!" Thus, they teach what can separate a l-mari from his wazawjihi; but they cannot harm anyone except by God's permission. They learn what harms them and does not benefit them, and they have known that he who purchases such a thing has no place in the Hereafter. Miserable indeed is what they traded themselves with; if only they knew!

8:24 O you who acknowledge, answer the call of God and His messenger when he calls you to what will grant you life. Know that God comes between a l-mari and his heart, and that to Him you will be gathered.

19:28 "O sister of Aaron, your father was not a im'ra-a sawin, and your mother was never unchaste!"

4:12 For you is ni'fu of what your azwājukum leave behind if they have no waladun; but if they have a waladun then to you is one l-rubuʿu of what they leave behind. All after a will is carried through or a debt. To them is one l-rubuʿu of what you leave behind if not you have waladun; but if you have a waladun then to them is one l-thumunu of what you leave behind. All after a will is carried through or a debt. If a rajulun yūrathu kalālatan or a im'ra-atun, but has a brother or sister, then to each one of them is one l-sudusu, but if they are more than this then they are to share in one l-thuluthi. All after a will is carried through or a debt, which does not cause harm. A directive from God, and God is Knowledgeable, Compassionate.5

4:128 If a im'ra-atun fears from her baʿlihā nushūzan, or iʿ'rāan, then there is no junāa for them to reconcile between themselves; and reconciliation is good. The l-anfusu are brought by l-shua. If you are kind and aware, then God is Expert over what you do.

3:35 When the im'ra-atu of Imran said, "My Lord, I have vowed to You what is in my womb, dedicated, so accept it from me. You are the Hearer, the Knower."

12:30 Some nis'watun in the city said, "The im'ra-atu of the Governor is trying to seduce her fatāhā ʿan nafsihi; she is taken by love. We see her clearly misguided."

12:51 He said, "What is your plea that you tried to seduce Joseph from himself?" They said, "God forbid that we would do any harm to him." The im'ra-atu of the Governor said, "Now the truth must be known, I did seek to seduce Joseph from himself and he is of the truthful ones…"

28:9 Pharaoh's im'ra-atu said, "A pleasure to my eye and yours, so do not kill him, perhaps he will benefit us or we may take him as a son!", while they did not perceive.

27:23 "I found them owned by a im'ra-atan, and she was given all possession, and she had a great throne."

33:50 O prophet, We have made lawful for you the azwājaka to whom you have already given their dowry, and wamā malakat yamīnuka, as granted to you by God, and the daughters of your father's brothers, and the daughters of your father's sisters, and the daughters of your mother's brothers, and the daughters of your mother's sisters, of whom they have emigrated with you. Also, the acknowledging wa-im'ra-atan who had decreed herself to the prophet, the prophet may marry her if he wishes, as a privilege given only to you and not to those who acknowledge. We have already decreed their rights in regard to their azwājihim and wamā  malakat aymānuhum. This is to spare you any hardship. God is Forgiver, Compassionate.

66:10 God cites as examples of those who have rejected, the im'ra-ata of Noah and the wa-im'ra-ata of Lot. They were taḥta ʿabdayni min ʿibādinā, but they betrayed them and, consequently, they could not help them at all against God. It was said, "Enter the fire, both of you, with those who will enter it."5

66:11 God cites as an example of those who acknowledged, the im'ra-ata of Pharaoh. She said, "My Lord, build a home for me near You in Paradise, and save me from Pharaoh and his works; and save me from the transgressing people."

11:71 His wa-im'ra-atuhu was standing, so she laughed when We gave her good news of Isaac, and after Isaac, Jacob.

111:4 His wa-im'ra-atuhu carrying the logs.

19:5 "I fear the kinfolk after I am gone, and my im'ra-atī is infertile, so grant me from Yourself an ally."

19:8 He said, "My Lord, how can I have a son when my im'ra-atī is infertile, and I have reached a very old age?"

51:29 His im'ra-atuhu then approached in amazement. She slapped upon her face, and said, "I am a ʿajūzun ʿaqīmun!"

3:40 He said, "My Lord, how can I have a son when l-kibaru has reached me and my wa-im'ra-atī is sterile?" He said, "It is as such that God does what He pleases."

12:21 The one from Egypt who bought him said to his li-im'ra-atihi: "Make his stay generous, perhaps he will benefit us or we may take him as a son." It was thus that We established Joseph in the land and to teach him the interpretation of dreams. God has full power over matters, but most of the people do not know.6

11:81 They said, "O Lot, we are your Lord's messengers; they will not be able to harm you. So travel with your bi-ahlika during the cover of the night and let not any of you look back except for your im'ra-ataka; she will be afflicted with what they will be afflicted. Their appointed time will be the morning. Is the morning not near?"

29:33 Thus when Our messengers came to Lot, they were mistreated, and he was embarrassed towards them. They said, "Do not fear, and do not be saddened. We will save you and your wa-ahlaka, except for your im'ra-ataka; she is of those doomed."

7:83 We saved him and his wa-ahlahu, except for his im'ra-atahu; she was of those who lagged behind.

15:60 "Except for his im'ra-atahu, we have measured that she will be with those destroyed."

27:57 So We saved him and his wa-ahlahu, except for his im'ra-atahu, for We found her to be of those who will remain.

29:32 He said, "But Lot is in it!" They said, "We are fully aware of who is in it. We will save him and his wa-ahlahu, except his im'ra-atahu; she is of those doomed."

28:23 When he arrived at the watering hole of Midyan, he found a crowd of people watering. He noticed two im'ra-atayni waiting on the side. He said, "What is holding you back." They said, "We cannot draw water until the shepherds finish, and our father is an old man."

2:282 O you who acknowledge, if you borrow debt for a specified period, then you shall record it. Let a scribe of justice record it for you. No scribe should refuse to record as God has taught him. Let him record and let the person who is borrowing dictate to him, and let him be conscientious of God, and let him not reduce from it anything. If the borrower is safīhan, aʿīfan or yastaīʿu an yumilla huwa, then let his guardian falyum'lil with bil-ʿadli; and bring two witnesses from amongst your rijālikum. If they are not two rajulayni, then a farajulun and two wa-im'ra-atāni from whom you will accept their testimony, so that if one of them tailla, then one can remind the other. The witnesses should not decline if they are called, and you should not fail to record it no matter how small or large including the time of repayment. That is more just with God and better for the testimony, and better that you do not have doubts; except if it is a trade to be done on the spot between you, then there is no blame on you if you do not record it. Have witnesses/evidence if you trade. No scribe shall be harmed nor any witness; for if you do so then it is vileness on your part. Be conscientious of God so that God teaches you; and God is aware of all things.84

4:4 Give the women their property willingly, and if they remit any of it to you of their own will, then you may take it hanīan marīan.

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