Thursday, 24 March 2011


16:80 God has made your homes a habitat, and He made for you from the hides of the livestock shelter which you find light for travel and when you stay, and from its wool, fur, and wa-ashʿārihā you make furnishings and goods, for a while.

19:4 He said, "My Lord, my bones have gone frail, and my l-rasu shayban, and I have never been mischievous in calling to You my Lord."

30:54 God is the One Who created you from weakness, then He made strength after the weakness, then He makes after the strength a weakness and washaybatan. He creates what He wills and He is the Knowledgeable, the Able.

73:17 So how can you be righteous if you have rejected, on a day when the children become shīban?

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