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5:116 God will say, "O Jesus son of Mary, did you tell the people to take you and your mother as gods ilāhayni besides God?" He said, "Be you glorified, I cannot say what I have no right to. If I had said it then You know it, You know what is in my person while I do not know what is in Your person. You are the Knower of the unseen."

16:51 God said, "Do not take-up two gods ilāhayni , there is only One god, so it is Me that you shall revere."

7:138 We let the Children of Israel cross the sea, then they passed by a people who were devoted to idols they had. They said, "O Moses, make for us a god like the gods ālihatun they have." He said, "You are an ignorant people!"

17:42 Say, "If there had been gods ālihatun with Him as they say, then they would have tried to gain a way to the Possessor of Authority."

21:22 If there were gods ālihatun in them except for God, then they would have been ruined. Glory be to God, the Lord of the dominion from what they describe.

21:43 Or do they have gods ālihatun that will protect them from Us? They cannot help themselves, nor can they be protected from Us.

6:19 Say, "Which is the greatest testimony?" Say, "God is witness between me and you, and He has inspired to me this Quran that I may warn you with it and whomever it reaches. Do you bear witness that along with God are other gods ālihatan?" Say, "I do not bear witness!" Say, "He is only One god, and I am innocent of your setting up partners!"3

6:74 Abraham said to his father, Azar: "Will you take idols anāman as gods ālihatan? I see you and your people clearly misguided."14

18:15 "Here are our people, they have taken gods ālihatan besides Him, while they do not come with any clear authority. Who then is more wicked than one who invents lies about God?"

19:81 They have taken gods ālihatan besides God to be for them their glory.8

21:21 Or have they taken gods ālihatan from the earth who can resurrect?3

21:24 Or have they taken gods ālihatan besides Him? Say, "Bring your proof. This is a reminder of those with me and a reminder of those before me." But, most of them do not know the truth, so they turn away.

21:99 If these were gods ālihatan, then they would not have entered it! All will abide therein.

25:3 They took besides Him gods ālihatan who do not create anything and are themselves created! They do not possess for themselves any harm or benefit, nor do they possess death or life, nor resurrection.2

36:23 "Shall I take gods ālihatan besides Him? If the Gracious intends any harm for me, their intercession cannot help me in the least, nor can they save me."

36:74 They have taken besides God other gods ālihatan, perhaps they will help them!

37:86 "Is it fabricated gods ālihatan, instead of God, that you want?"

43:45 Ask those of Our messengers whom We sent before you: "Did We ever appoint gods ālihatan besides the Gracious to be served?"

46:28 Why then did the idols ālihatan they set up to bring them closer to God fail to help them? Instead, they abandoned them. Such was their lie, and what they fabricated.

38:5 "Has he made the gods l-ālihata into One god? This is indeed a strange thing!"

11:101 We did not wrong them, but they wronged themselves. Their gods ālihatuhumu that they called on besides God did not rescue them at all when your Lord's command came, and they only added to their destruction.

43:58 They said, "Are our gods aālihatunā better or is he?" They only cited this to argue with you. Indeed, they are a quarrelsome people.

37:91 He then went to their idols ālihatihim  and said, "Can you not eat?"

38:6 The leaders among them went out: "Walk away, and remain patient to your gods ālihatikum. This thing can be turned back."

19:46 He said, "Have you abandoned my gods ālihatī O Abraham? If you do not stop this, I will stone you. Leave me alone."6

11:53 They said, "O Hud, you have not come to us with any proof, nor will we leave our gods ālihatinā based on what you say. We will not acknowledge you."

11:54 "All we can say is that perhaps some of our gods ālihatinā have possessed you with evil." He said, "I make God my witness, and all of you witness that I disown what you have set up as partners—

25:42 "He nearly diverted us from our gods ālihatinā had we not been patient for them." When they see the retribution, they will learn who is on a path most astray.

37:36 They would say, "Shall we leave our gods ālihatinā because of a crazy poet?"

46:22 They said, "Have you come to us to divert us away from our gods ālihatinā? Then bring us what you are promising us, if you are truthful!"

21:59 They said, "Who has done this to our gods biālihatinā? He is surely one of the wicked."

21:62 They said, "Did you do this to our gods biālihatinā O Abraham?"

21:36 When those who reject see you, they take you for mockery: "Is this the one who speaks about your gods ālihatakum!" While in the remembrance of the Gracious they are ingrates!

21:68 They said, "If you are to do anything, then burn him, and give victory to your gods ālihatakum."

71:23 They said, "Do not abandon your gods ālihatakum. Do not abandon Destroyer waddan, neither Night Group suwāʿan, Helper yaghūtha, Deterrer wayaʿūqa, nor Eagle wanasran."

7:127 The leaders among the people of Pharaoh said, "Will you let Moses and his people corrupt the land, and abandon you and your gods waālihataka?" He said, "We will kill their children and shame their women; we will be supreme over them."

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