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Forbidding the Lawful

Alhamdulillah, the Noble Qur'an is complete. Nothing has been left out (see 6:38)
The Noble Qur'an is clear and fully detailed see: 41:2-3, 44:2, 17:12, 18:54, 16:89, 12:111, 2:99, 6:114-115, 6:126, 7:52, 10:37, 11:1

The Quran is the Truth 42:17

The Qur'an warns us about baseless Hadiths diverting from the Truth 7:185; 12:111;  31:6;  39:23; 39:29; 45:6; 52:34; 68:44; 77:50;

Forbidding the lawful, Haram and Halal (16:116) (10:59) (6:150) (6:119) (3:93) (3:94) (7:32) (6:139) (6:140) (16:35) (6:148) (7:157) (66:1) (5:87)

16:116 You shall not SAY LIES (l-kadhiba) about God by attributing lies with your tongues, saying: "This is LAWFUL (alālun) and that is FORBIDDEN (arāmun)." Those who INVENT LIES  (litaftarū l-kadhiba) about God will not succeed.

10:59 Say, "Have you seen what God has sent down to you from provisions, then you made some of it FORBIDDEN (arāman) and some LAWFUL (waalālan)? " Say, "Did God authorize you, or did you INVENT LIES AGAINST GOD (‘alā l-lahi taftarūna)?"

6:150 Say, "Bring forth your WITNESSES (shuhadāakumu) who BEAR WITNESS (yashhadūna) that God has forbidden this." If they bear witness, then do not bear witness with them, nor follow the desires of those who deny Our signs, and those who do not acknowledge the Hereafter; and they MAKE EQUALS WITH THEIR LORD! (birabbihim ya’dilūna)

6:118 So eat from that on which God's name has been mentioned, if you indeed believe in His revelations.

6:119 Why should you not eat that on which God's name has been mentioned, when He has SUFFICIENTLY DETAILED (faṣṣala)  to you what has been made FORBIDDEN (arrama);  except what you are forced to? Many misguide by their desires without knowledge; your Lord is fully aware of the transgressors.

6:121 And do not eat from that which God's name has not been mentioned, for it is vile. And the devils they inspire their supporters to argue with you; and if you obey them, then you have set up partners.

3:93 All the food used to be lawful (illan) to the Children of Israel except what Israel forbade for himself before the Torah was sent down. Say, "Bring the Torah and recite it if you are truthful."
3:94 Whoever INVENTS LIES ABOUT GOD (if'tarā  ‘alā l-lahi l-kadhiba) AFTER THIS (baʿdi dhālika), these are the wicked.

7:32 Say, "Who has FORBIDDEN (arrama)  the NICE THINGS (zīnata) that God has brought forth for His servants and the GOOD PROVISIONS (wal-ayibāti)?" Say, "They are in this worldly life for those who acknowledge, and they will be exclusive for them on the day of Resurrection" We thus EXPLAIN (nufaṣṣilu) the signs (l-āyāti) for those who know.

6:139 They said, "What is in the bellies of these livestock is purely for our males and FORBIDDEN (wamuarramun) for our spouses, and if it comes out dead, then they will be partners in it." God will recompense them for what they ATTRIBUTE (wafahum) . He is Wise, Knowledgeable.

6:140 Losers are those who have killed their born children foolishly, without knowledge, and they FORBADE (waarramū) what God had provided for them by ATTRIBUTING LIES to God (if'tirāan). They have strayed and they were not guided.

16:35 Those who set up partners (ashrakū) said, "If God had wished it, we would not have served anything besides Him; neither us nor our fathers; nor would we have forbidden anything without Him." Those before them did the exact same thing; so are the messengers required to do anything but deliver with proof?

6:148 Those who set up partners will say, "If God wished, we would not have set up partners, nor would have our fathers, nor would we have forbidden anything." Those before them lied in the same way, until they tasted Our might. Say, "Do you have any knowledge to bring out to us? You only follow conjecture, you only guess."

7:157 "Those who follow the gentile prophet whom they find written for them in the Torah and the Injeel; he orders them to goodness, deters them from evil, he makes lawful for them the good things, he forbids for them the evil, and he removes their burden and the shackles imposed upon them. So those who acknowledged him, honored him, supported him, and followed the light that was sent down with him; these are the successful."

66:1 O you prophet, why do you prohibit what God has made lawful for you, seeking to please your wives? God is Forgiver, Compassionate.

5:87 O you who believe, do not forbid the good things that God has made lawful to you, and do not aggress; God does not like the aggressors.

Only forbidden:

2:173 He has only forbidden for you what is already dead, and the blood, and the meat of pig, and what was dedicated to other than God. Whoever finds himself forced out of need and without disobedience or animosity, then there is no sin upon him. God is Forgiving, Merciful.

5:3 Forbidden to you is what is already dead, and the blood, the meat of pig, and animals sacrificed to other than God. The strangled, killed by a blow, fallen from height, gored, eaten by wild animals except what you managed to rescue, and those slaughtered on altars... Also what you divide through gambling. This is all vile. Today the ingrates have given up from your system, so do not revere them, but revere Me. Today I have perfected your system for you, completed My blessings upon you, and I have accepted peaceful surrenders the system for you. So, whoever is forced by severe hunger and not seeking sin, then God is Forgiving, Compassionate.*

6:145 Say, "I do NOT FIND  (ajidu) in what is inspired to me forbidden EXCEPT (illā) that it be already dead, or blood poured forth, or the meat of pig, for it is foul; or what is corruptly dedicated to other than God." Whoever is forced without seeking disobedience or transgression, then your Lord is Forgiving, Compassionate.*

16:115 He only made forbidden for you what is already dead, blood, the meat of pig, and what was sacrificed to any other than God. But whoever is forced to, without disobedience or transgression, then God is Forgiving, Compassionate.

Lying about Allah 4:50;  5:103; 6:21; 6:93; 7:37;  10:17; 10:60; 10:69;  11:18;
34:8; 42:24; 61:7; 72:4 72:5

4:50 See how they INVENT yaftarūna upon God the LIES l-kadhiba ; is that not enough as a clear sin?

5:103 God did not decree any restrictions for combining of livestock, or roaming livestock, or ones that give twin births, or a stallion freed from work; but the people who rejected INVENTED yaftarūna LIES l-kadhiba to God, and most of them do not understand.

6:21 And who is more wicked than one who INVENTS if'tarā LIES kadhiban about God, or denies His revelations! The wicked will never succeed.

6:93 And who is more wicked than one who INVENTS if'tarā LIES kadhiban about God, or says: "It has been inspired to me," when We did not inspire anything to him; or who says: "I will bring down the same as what God has sent down." And if you could only see the wicked at the moments of death when the angels have their arms opened: "Bring yourselves out, today you will be given the severest punishment for what you used to say about God without truth, and you used to be arrogant towards His revelations."

7:37 Who is more wicked than one who INVENTS if'tarā  LIES kadhiban about God, or denies His revelations? These will receive their recompense from the record; so that when Our messengers come to terminate their lives, they will say: "Where are those whom you used to call on besides God?" they said: "They have abandoned us!" and they bore witness upon themselves that they were rejecters.

10:17 Who is more wicked than one who INVENTS if'tarā LIES kadhiban about God or denies His revelations? The criminals will never succeed.

10:60 And what will those who INVENT yaftarūna LIES l-kadhiba against God think on the Day of Resurrection? God is with great bounty to the people, but most of them are not thankful.

10:69 Say: "Those who INVENT yaftarūna LIES l-kadhiba about God, they will not be successful."

11:18 And who is more wicked than one who INVENTS yaftarūna LIES l-kadhiba about God? They will be displayed before their Lord, and the witnesses will say: "These are the ones who lied about their Lord." Alas, God's curse will be upon the wicked.

34:8 "Has he INVENTED aftarā a LIE kadhiban against God, or is there a madness in him?" Indeed, those who do not believe in the Hereafter will be in a retribution and far straying.

42:24 Or do they say: "He has FABRICATED if'tarā LIES kadhiban about God!" If God willed, He could have sealed your heart. And God erases the falsehood and affirms the truth with His words. He is fully aware of what is inside the chests.

61:7 Who is more evil than one who FABRICATES if'tarā LIES l-kadhiba about God, while he is being invited to submission? God does not guide the evil people.

72:4 "And it was the foolish one amongst us who used to say lies about God."
72:5 "And we had thought that neither mankind nor the Jinn would ever utter a lie kadhiban against God."

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