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33:59 O prophet, tell your wives, your daughters, and the wives of those who acknowledge that they should lengthen upon themselves their outer garments. That is better so that they would be recognized and not yu'dhayna. God is Forgiver, Compassionate.

2:196 Complete the Pilgrimage and the visit for God. But, if you are prevented, then make what is affordable of donation, and do not shave your heads until the donation reaches its destination. Whoever of you is ill or has a adhan to his head, then he may redeem by fasting or giving a charity or a sacrifice. But if you are able, then whoever continues the visit until the Pilgrimage, then he shall provide what is affordable of donation. If one cannot find anything, then he must fast for three days during the Pilgrimage and seven when he returns; this will make a complete ten; this is for those whose family is not present at the Restricted Temple. Be conscientious of God, and know that God is severe in retribution.55

2:222 They ask you about menstruation? Say, "It is a adhan; so retire yourselves sexually from the women during the menstruation, and do not approach them until they are cleansed. When they are cleansed, then you may approach them as God has commanded you." God loves the repenters and He loves the cleansed.61

2:263 Kind words and forgiveness are far better than charity that is followed by adhan. God is Rich, Compassionate.81

4:102 If you are with them and hold the contact prayer for them, then let a group from amongst them stand with you and let them bring their weapons; when they have prostrated then let them stand guard from behind; let a group who has not yet contacted come and contact with you, and let them be wary and let them bring their weapons with them. The ingrates hope that you would neglect your weapons and goods so they can come upon you in one blow. There is no sin upon you if was with you adhan from rainfall, or if you are ill, that you keep from placing down your weapons. Be wary. God has prepared for the ingrates a humiliating retribution.

2:264 O you who acknowledge, do not nullify your charities with bil-mani and wal-adhā; like the one who spends his money in vanity to show the people, and he does not acknowledge God and the Last day. His example is like a stone on which there is dust, then it is subjected to heavy rain, which leaves it bare. They cannot do anything with what they earned; and God does not guide the ingrates.

2:262 Those who spend their money in the cause of God, then do not follow what they have spent with either mannan or adhan; they will have their reward with their Lord, there is no fear over them nor will they grieve.

3:111 They will not yaḍurrūkum you except in being an adhan, and if they fight you they will turn and flee; then they will not be supported.

3:186 We will test you with your wealth and with yourselves, and you will hear from those who have been given the book before you and from those who set up partners much adhan. If you strive and be aware, then these are affairs of great resolve.36

33:48 Do not obey the ingrates and the hypocrites, and ignore their adhāhum, put your trust in God; God suffices as an advocate.

29:10 Among the people are those who say, "We acknowledge God," but if he is ūdhiya in the sake of God, he equates the fit'nata of the people with God's kaʿadhābi! If a victory comes from your Lord, he says: "We were with you!" Is God not fully aware of what is inside the chests of the worlds?

33:69 O you who acknowledge, do not be like those who ādhaw Moses, but then God cleared him of all they said, and he was honorable before God.

3:195 Their Lord answered them: "I do not waste the work of any worker from among you, be you male or female, you are all as each other. For those who emigrated and were driven-out from their homes and were waūdhū in My cause, and they fought and were killed, I will remit for them their sins and admit them to paradises with rivers flowing beneath; a reward from God; and God has the best reward."

6:34 Messengers before you were kudhibū, but they were patient for what they were kudhibū, and they were waūdhū until Our victory came to them; nothing changes the words of God. News of the messengers has come to you.

14:12 "Why should we not place our trust in God, when He has guided us to our paths. We will be resolute against the ādhaytumūnā you inflict upon us. In God those who trust should put their trust."

7:129 They said, "We were being ūdhīnā before you came to us and since you have come to us." He said, "Perhaps your Lord will destroy your enemy, and make you successors in the land, so He sees how you behave."

33:53 O you who acknowledge, do not enter the prophet's homes except if you are invited to a meal, without you forcing such an invitation. But if you are invited, you may enter. When you finish eating, you shall leave, without mus'tanisīna liḥadīthin. This used to yu'dhī the prophet, and he was fayastaḥyī of you. But God does not yastaḥyī from the l-ḥaqi. If you ask his wives for something, ask them from behind a barrier. This is purer for your hearts and their hearts. It is not for you to harm God's messenger, nor you should marry his wives after him. This is a gross offence with God.10

9:61 Among them are those who yu'dhūna the prophet, and they say, "He only listens!" Say, "What he listens to is best for you. He acknowledges God, he trusts those who acknowledge, and he is a mercy to those who acknowledge among you." Those who yu'dhūna God's messenger will have a painful retribution.

33:57 Surely those who yu'dhūna God and His messenger, God will curse them in this life and in the Hereafter; and He has prepared for them a shameful retribution.

33:58 Those who yu'dhūna the acknowledging men and the acknowledging women, with no just reason, they have brought upon themselves a slander and a gross sin.

61:5 When Moses said to his people: "O my people, why do you tu'dhūnanī me, while you know that I am God's messenger to you?" But when they deviated, God diverted their hearts. God does not guide the wicked people.

4:16 The two who commit it from amongst you, then you shall faādhūhumā them. If they repent and amend, then fa-aʿriḍū them. God is Redeemer, Compassionate.7

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