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2:251 So they defeated them by God's leave. Thus, David killed Goliath, and God gave him waātāhu  the kingship l-mul'ka and the wisdom wal-ik'mata and taught him waʿallamahu what mimmā He wished yashāu. Had it not been for God pushing the people to challenge one another, then the earth would have long been corrupted. But God has done favor over the worlds.*

4:163 We have inspired you as We have inspired Noah and the prophets after him. We inspired Abraham, and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob, and the Patriarchs, and Jesus, and Job, and Jonah, and Aaron, and Solomon; and We have given David waātaynā dāwūda the zabūran.

5:78 Cursed are those who have rejected from among the Children of Israel by the tongue lisāni  of David dāwūda  and Jesus waʿīsā  son of Mary. That is for what they have disobeyed, and for what they transgressed.*

6:84 We granted him wawahabnā Isaac and Jacob, both of whom We guided; and Noah We guided all kullan hadaynā from before; and from his progeny is David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses, and Aaron. It is such that We reward the good doers.

17:55 Your Lord is fully aware of who is in the heavens and the earth. We have preferred some prophets over others, and We gave waātaynā  David dāwūda  the zabūran.*

21:78 And David and Solomon, when they gave judgment yakumāni  in the case of the crop l-arthi that was damaged by the sheep of the people, and We were witness to their judgment liuk'mihim shāhidīna.

21:79 So We gave Solomon the correct understanding fafahhamnāhā, and both wakullan of them We have given ātaynā  wisdom uk'man  and knowledge waʿil'man. We committed the mountains l-jibāla with David to praise yusabbi'na as well as the birds wal-ayra. This is what We did.

21:80 We taught him waʿallamnāhu  the making of labūsin (armour) for you to protect you litu'inakum from your basikum. Are you then thankful?

27:15 We bestowed upon David and Solomon knowledge ʿil'man, and they both said, "Praise be to God who preferred us over many of His acknowledging servants."

27:16 Solomon inherited wawaritha from David, and he said, "O people, we have been taught ʿullim'nā  how to understand the speech maniqa of creatures that fly l-ayri, and we have been given waūtīnā from everything min kulli shayin. This is indeed an evident grace."

34:10 We granted David blessings falan from Us: "O mountains yājibālu, glorify with him, as well as the birds." We softened wa-alannā  the iron l-adīda for him .

34:13 They made for him what he desired of maārība, and statues watamāthīla, and pools of deep reservoirs wajifānin, and heavy pots kal-jawābi. "O family of David, work to show thanks." Only a few of My servants are appreciative.*

38:17 Be patient to what they say, and recall Our servant David, the dhā l-aydi. He was innahu  obedient awwābun.

38:22 When they entered upon David, he was startled by them. They said, "Have no fear. We are two who have disputed khamāni, and one has wronged baghā  the other baʿunā ʿalā  baʿin, so judge fa-u'kum  between us baynanā with truth bil-aqi, and do not wrong us walā tush'i, and guide us wa-ih'dinā to the right path ilā sawāi l-irāi."

38:24 He said, "He has wronged you alamaka by asking bisuāli  to combine your lambs with his lambs. Many who mix their properties take advantage layabghī  of one another, except those who acknowledge and do good works, and these are very few." David guessed that We had tested him, so he sought forgiveness from his Lord, and fell down wakharra rākiʿan, and repented wa-anāba.*

38:26 O David, We have made you jaʿalnāka a successor khalīfatan on earth. Therefore, you shall judge fa-u'kum  among bayna the people l-nāsi with truth bil-aqi, and do not follow desire walā  tattabiʿi  l-hawā, lest it diverts you fayuillaka from the path sabīli of God l-lahi. Indeed, those who stray off the path of God will have a severe retribution for forgetting the day of Reckoning.

38:30 To David We granted wawahabnā lidāwūda Solomon sulaymāna. What an excellent and obedient servant

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