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root: sad lam waw http://corpus.quran.com/qurandictionary.jsp?root=Slw

11:114 You shall hold the l-alata at both ends of the day and the near part of the night. The good deeds take away the bad. This is a reminder for those who remember.

5:6 O you who acknowledge, when you rise to attend the l-alati, then wash your faces and your hands up to the elbows, and wipe your heads and your feet to the ankles; and if you have had intercourse, then you shall bathe. If you are ill, or traveling, or you have excreted feces, or you have had sexual contact with the women, and you could not find water, then you shall do ablution from clean soil; you shall wipe your faces and your hands. God does not want to make any hardship over you, but He wants to cleanse you and to complete His blessings upon you that you may be appreciative.4

62:10 Then, once the l-alatu is complete, you shall disperse through the land and seek God's provisions, and remember God frequently, so that you may succeed.

17:78 You shall hold the l-alata at the setting of the sun, until the darkness of the night; and the Quran at dawn, the Quran at dawn has been witnessed.

50:39 So be patient to what they are saying, and glorify the grace of your Lord before the rising of the sun and before the setting.

20:130 So be patient to what they are saying and glorify the grace of your Lord before the rising of the sun, and before its setting, and from the early part of the night glorify, and at the edges of the day that you may be content.

76:26 From the night you shall fa-us'jud to Him and praise Him throughout.

3:113 They are not all the same, from the people of the book are an upright nation; they recite God's signs during parts of the night and they yasjudūna.

73:20 Your Lord knows that you rise a little less than two thirds of the night, and half of it, and one third of it, as well as a group of those who are with you. God measures the night and the day. He knows that you will not be able to keep up, so He pardons you. So study what is made easy of the Quran. He knows that there will be sick among you, and others that venture out in the land seeking from God's bounty, and others who are fighting in the cause of God, so study what you can of it. Hold the l-alata and give l-zakata and give God a loan of righteousness. Whatever you put forth yourselves, you will find it with God, for it is better and a greater reward. Seek God's forgiveness, for God is Forgiving, Compassionate.

50:40 From the night glorify Him, and after l-sujūdi.

52:49 Also during the night glorify Him, and at the setting of the stars.

41:38 So, if they become arrogant, then those who are with your Lord glorify Him night and day, and they never despair.

13:15 To God prostrate all who are in the heavens and the earth, willingly and unwillingly, as do their shadows in the morning and the evening.

48:9 So that you may acknowledge God and His messenger, and that you may support Him, honor Him, and glorify Him, morning and evening.

33:42 Glorify Him morning and evening.

76:25 Remember the name of your Lord morning and evening.

62:9 O you who acknowledge, if the lilṣṣalati is called to on the day of assembly, then you shall hasten towards the remembrance of God, and cease all selling. This is better for you, if you only knew.

17:78 You shall hold the l-alata at the setting of the sun, until the darkness of the night; and the Quran at dawn, the Quran at dawn has been witnessed.

3:39 The angels called to him while he was standing and yuallī in the temple enclosure: "God gives you good tidings of John, authenticating a word from God, respectable, protected, and a prophet from the reformers."

3:191 Those who remember God while standing, and sitting, and on their sides, and they ponder over the creation of the heavens and the earth: "Our Lord you did not create this without purpose, be You glorified, and spare us the retribution of the fire!"

4:102 If you are with them and hold the l-alata for them, then let a group from amongst them stand with you and let them bring their weapons; when they have prostrated then let them stand guard from behind; let a group who has not yet contacted come and contact with you, and let them be wary and let them bring their weapons with them. The ingrates hope that you would neglect your weapons and goods so they can come upon you in one blow. There is no sin upon you if you are impeded by rainfall, or if you are ill, that you keep from placing down your weapons. Be wary. God has prepared for the ingrates a humiliating retribution.

29:45 Recite what is inspired to you of the book, and hold the l-alata; for the l-alata prohibits evil and vice, and the remembrance of God is the greatest. God knows everything you do.

38:24 He said, "He has wronged you by asking to combine your lambs with his lambs. Many who mix their properties take advantage of one another, except those who acknowledge and do good works, and these are very few." David guessed that We had tested him, so he sought forgiveness from his Lord, and fell down rākiʿan, and repented.

9:112 They are the repenters, the servers, the praisers, the activists, the bowing, the prostrating, the advocators of good, the forbidders of evil, and the keepers of God's ordinance. Give good news to those who acknowledge.

5:55 Your ally is God, His messenger and those who acknowledge, who hold the l-alata, and contribute towards betterment, and they are rākiʿūna.

2:125 We have made the sanctuary to be a model for the people and a security. Utilize the place of Abraham muallan. We had entrusted to Abraham and Ishmael, "You shall purify My sanctuary for those who visit, those who are devoted, and for those who wal-rukaʿi and l-sujūdi."

17:111 Say, "Praise is to God, who has not taken a son, nor does He have a partner in sovereignty, nor does He have an ally out of weakness." Glorify Him greatly.

38:18 We committed the mountains to glorify with him, during dusk and dawn.

40:55 So be patient, for the promise of God is true, and seek forgiveness for your sin, and glorify and praise your Lord at dusk and dawn.

3:41 He said, "My Lord, make for me a sign" He said, "Your sign is not to speak to the people for three days except by symbol, and remember your Lord greatly, and glorify at dusk and dawn."12

19:11 So he went out amongst his people from the temple enclosure, and he indicated to them that they should glorify Him at dawn and dusk.

26:227 Except for those who acknowledge, and do good works, and remember God greatly, and were victorious after they were wronged. As for those who did wrong, they will know which fate they will meet.

33:41 O you who acknowledge, you shall remember God frequently.

4:142 The hypocrites seek to deceive God, while He is deceiving them; and if they attend to the l-alati, they do so lazily, only to show the people; they do not remember God except very little.

17:110 Say, "Call on God or call on the Gracious. Whichever it is you call on, to Him are the best names." Do not be loud/public in your bialātika, nor quiet/private; but seek a path in between.

17:79 From the night you shall reflect upon it additionally for yourself, perhaps your Lord would grant you to a high rank.

17:111 Say, "Praise is to God, who has not taken a son, nor does He have a partner in sovereignty, nor does He have an ally out of weakness." Glorify Him greatly.

22:77 O you who acknowledge, ir'kaʿū and wa-us'judū and serve your Lord and do good that you may succeed.

24:58 O you who acknowledge, let those whom are under your contract and have not yet attained puberty request your permission regarding three times: Before the alati l-fajri, and when you take off your attire mina l-ahīrati, and after the alati l-ʿishāi. These are three private times for you. Other than these times, it is not wrong for you or them to intermingle with one another. God thus clarifies the revelations for you. God is Knowledgeable, Wise.

84:21 When the Quran is being related to them, they do not prostrate.

77:48 When they are told to kneel, they do not kneel.

4:103 So when you qaaytumu the l-alata, then remember God while standing, or sitting, or on your sides. When you are relieved, you shall hold the l-alata; the l-alata for those who acknowledge is a kitāban mawqūtan.

2:200 When you have completed your rites, then remember God as you remember your fathers or even greater. Among the people are those who say, "Our Lord, give us from this world!", but in the Hereafter he has no part.

52:48 You shall be patient for the judgment of your Lord, for you are in Our sights, and glorify the praise of your Lord when you get up.

30:18 To Him is all praise in the heavens and in the earth, and in the evening and when you go out.

2:43 Observe the l-alata, and contribute towards betterment, and kneel with those who kneel.

3:43 "O Mary, be devoted to your Lord and prostrate and kneel with those who kneel."

2:238 Preserve the l-alawāti, and the wal-alati l-wus'ā, and stand devoutly for God.

2:239 But if you are in a state of worry, then you may do so while walking or riding. If you become secure, then remember God as He has taught you what you did not know.

4:43 O you who acknowledge, do not come near the l-alata while you are drunk, until you know what you are saying. Nor if you have had intercourse, unless traveling, until you bathe. If you are ill, or traveling, or one of you come from the bathroom, or you had sexual contact with the women, and could not find water: then you shall seek clean soil and wipe your faces and hands. God is Pardoning, Forgiving.

51:18 Before dawn, they would seek forgiveness.

Salat al Fajr and Salat al Isha
Salat al Wusta

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